Flexible companies close more deals, faster.

Alguna unifies your quote-to-revenue process by automating complex pricing, quoting, and billing operations.

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Configure pricing & packaging across all sales channels.

Create any subscription or usage-based pricing model to maximize win rates and deal sizes.

An end-to-end solution,

built modularly.

Alguna complements your existing finance, sales and development tools.

Supports your unique

customer lifecycle.

Designed with flexibility and versatility to power your internal workflows.

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Unify Sales & Product-Led

From self-serve subscription plans to your most customized enterprise plans, Alguna eliminates the need to maintain multiple systems.

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Vertical SaaS

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Generative AI

You can make a difference.

Challenge the status quo and empower your team to reach their full potential.

All-in-One suite for

revenue management

Automating your pricing, quoting and billing operations.

Modern pricing models

Experiment with flexible pricing options.

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Automated invoicing

Seamless billing and invoice approval flows.

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Trusted revenue data

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Source of truth for your revenue metrics.

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No need for manual work or spreadsheets.

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Get actionable insights in real-time.

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Usage metrics

Track usage of your product in real-time.

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Unify all sales channels

All products managed in one place.

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No-code automation

Complement your existing sales, finance and engineering tools with no-code integrations.

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Contract management

All pricing & contract terms in one place.